I'm back, but buried by laundry.

(Seriously! They did NO laundry while I was gone!)

I haven't even looked yet to see if I have any decent pictures to post from all the *awesome* schools I visited last week. Soon!

But in the meantime, check out the LOVELY review of Over At The Castle that Jen Robinson did over at Jen's Book Page.

Thank you Jennifer!!


A Winner!

And the winner is.....


Corey wins a signed copy of Over At The Castle

AND, since she tweeted, a signed copy of Hush, Little Dragon too! Corey, e-mail me (boni.ashburn AT gmail.com) your address and they'll be on their way :)

Thanks to everyone for taking part in my little giveaway!
I loved all your favorite numbers- and even learned a little bit about math- ha!


(p.s. I'm posting this on the 6th of March... and 6 is MY favorite number!)

It's An Over At The Castle Birthday GIVEAWAY!!

Today is the official release day of my second book, Over At The Castle!

Over At The Castle by Boni Ashburn and Kelly Murphy

And, you might ask, what's a birthday without PRESENTS?? Exactly...

Let's give away a present... or two! Just enter before I draw the winning name at midnight on Friday, March 5th, 2010.

WHAT'S THE PRESENT? A signed copy of Over At The Castle. And maybe a signed copy of Hush, Little Dragon, too, since it's Hush's Two-Year Birthday today! But that part's up to you...

Over At The Castle is a counting book, so I'm going to have a little fun with numbers (but I'm terrible at math, so I'll make it e-a-s-y- ha!) Just leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite number is- how easy is THAT??! I'll put all the entries in a hat, draw the winner and post his/her name on Saturday so the winner can contact me with their mailing address.

So, how can you win a copy of Hush, Little Dragon too?? Simply post about this giveaway on your blog, tweet it on Twitter, post it on your Facebook page, the blueboards... you pick, but give it one little cyber-shout-out SOMEWHERE (and tell me where when you comment), and if your name is the one I draw to win Over At The Castle, then you'll get a signed copy of Hush, Little Dragon too!

And if you ask me, these two books do look *sweet* next to each other on a shelf :)

Thanks for celebrating my Book Birthday with me and GOOD LUCK!


Free Signed Bookmarks!

I am so pleased with how my bookmarks came out for my new book, OVER AT THE CASTLE!

They're beautiful! (Well, how could they NOT be beautiful if they feature Kelly's artwork??) The front-side image is from my favorite spread in the book and it highlights the really cool "sub-plot" told by the illustrations which was all Kelly's idea (yes, she is a genius!)

Do you have a favorite class or teacher or librarian that would like some signed bookmarks?

I'll send a bundle of 25 signed bookmarks to the first 20 people who e-mail me at boni.ashburn(at)gmail.com (Use the real @ sign of course, put "bookmark giveaway" on the subject line, and include your mailing address in the body of the e-mail.)

Ready, set, GO!


On Its Way!

If you are insanely obsessive, like me, and you pre-ordered a copy of this:

Over At The Castle by Boni Ashburn

from Amazon, just so you would know the exact moment it is in stock and shipping,

then you already know it is.

In case you aren't like me, and you're just a regular, relaxed kind of person, then you should know:

OVER AT THE CASTLE is in-stock and shipping RIGHT NOW from Amazon!

(happy sigh)


Looky what I found!

I wrote Over At The Castle on Christmas Eve, 2005.

I sold it in September, 2006.

It's up for pre-order now on indiebound!

And on Amazon!

But not B&N yet.

Enh, they've got time. Four months and 10 days and counting....