One, Two, Three

We picture-book writers like things that come in three's. We even have a fancy technical term for it: The Rule Of Three. See how technically fancy we are? Ha!

But anyway, my book Hush, Little Dragon completed something of a hat-trick today to my delight (see- we children's writers are just like hockey players- how cool are we?! They like three's too...)

Up until now, I had two favorite reviews of Hush. The first one was by Regan McMahon of The San Francisco Chronicle who, my faithful readers and BFF's will remember, called it "Sweeney Todd for the sandbox set." That's my future epitaph, by the way, for anyone making those sort of plans for me now. Nothing will likely top that in my career, just so you know. Lovedlovedloved it.

The second one came from Gracie over at Bookie Woogie. She enthused that Hush was "a funny, cute, little, horrifying book" and she illustrated Kelly Murphy and I being presented to Baby Dragon as his next meal. Brought tears of laughter to my eyes- wonderful.

Hush Little Dragon by Gracie Zenz

But I like things to come in three's... and now I have a third favorite review (and I should of course clarify that there have been tons of other very favorable reviews that I have so very much appreciated and I don't mean to slight those reviewers at ALL, I just wanted a fancy twist for a blog post and that's what I came up with at 10:00 at night)! Where was I?

Oh, yeah, Tara Lazar's, uh, review today of Hush, Little Dragon. Freaking Hilarious. Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe! Oh Tara, thank you, and I do mean thank you, for the uniquest review I think Hush will ever receive. (Stick with prose, dear, stick with prose...)


Summer and Reading

This little mention of Hush, Little Dragon absolutely tickled me. MY BOOK is on the recommended reading list for a summer reading program at a library in Virginia! The 10-year-old me that spent every summer basically AT the library (Cook Memorial Library in Libertyville, Illinois, to be exact...) never would have believed she'd even have a book in the library. Any library. Written by, me. Now I'm confused. But...
WOW- Thank you, Dolley Madison Branch of Fairfax County Public Libraries!

For me, summer has always been about reading. No pesky school to get in the way (not that I didn't love school, but y'know, it always got in the way of quality reading time!). Endless hours to fill. A shady spot on a warm day, an icy cold lemonade to sip and a book to get lost in. What else can take you so many places??


Happy Birthday, Little Dragon!

Birthday Cake

If you want to get technical, Little Dragon was really born on the page in May of 2005. But it wasn't until March 1, 2008 that I got to see this:

Jack- Hush on shelf

which really is like seeing your child for the first time! That's Jack, by the way- my future-author son. I have a feeling we may write a book together someday :)

This first book far exceeded my own expectations. I had merely hoped to earn out someday, not in the first four months of publication. So many people took a chance on it with me and I'm so very grateful to them!

And I'm lucky- very lucky, and I know that.

So Happy Birthday to my first book-
may he see many more :)

Of course, all those exceeded expectations only raise the stakes next time around, so it's a mixed blessing, isn't it? But I'm not going to think about that yet- I've got a whole year until Book #2 hits the shelves.

In the meantime, I'm trying to stay busy. I mentioned Big Decisions a few days back and I'm pleased to say I've signed with a lovely agent at a wonderful agency AND I just sold Book #4. I won't go blabbing details until the ink is dry on the contract, but I'm completely excited about it :) Yay!

"It's a funny, cute, little, horrifying book."


That quote is from Gracie, age 8, in her family's review of Hush, Little Dragon.

Please drop everything that you are doing right now and go to Bookie Woogie and read it. It might possibly put a smile on your face. But it won't be as big as the smile on mine. Trust me.

What I love about their review is that I FEEL like I was perched there on the couch with them, this creative, funny family all cozied up reading my book. It's what makes being an author so awesome- the idea that people, somewhere, are enjoying something I created.

And not just reading it either. They discuss the book. They examine the book. They talk about how it might have been created, how it affects them, what the book is trying to say. Gracie, Lily and Isaac are going to grow up to be book-lovers. And one of them just might become an author too. Or an artist!! They include ART in their review! Fantastic.

I was going to post this morning about that travesty of an article on how bad fairy tales are for kids. I still will (after I bask in this glowing moment from reading a stellar review of my little, horrifying book), but I think the Bookie Woogie family just made my point for me. HA!


Merry Christmas!

Need to find a gift? is a nifty site. It's full of craft ideas, helpful articles and learning games and activities. They also put out a Gift Guide and.... (first of all, let's see if this works- yay! it works):

they chose Hush, Little Dragon for a Preschool Pick! So now, not only is Hush beautiful (thank you, Kelly Murphy!!) and slightly demented, it is also "educational"!
Thanks, :)