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Awesome Mail

The best thing about being a children's book author? I think I'd have to go with what I'll loosely term "reader mail". Questions from kids, their artwork based on my books, thank-you's after a school visit... any and all of it is so awesome!

I recently received a package of letters from a teacher down in Wisconsin with whom I had corresponded when my first book, Hush, Little Dragon, came out a couple of years ago. I had sent her class a signed copy of Over At The Castle and a bundle of signed bookmarks and they sent me a huge envelope of awesome (I definitely got the better end of that deal!) Here's a peek at some of the contents:

Dragons by Dalen

(These are some most awesome dragons!)

Patrick wants to know if it's hard being an author? Well Patrick, some of the things I have to do as an author are hard, at least for me. Like speaking in front of people about my books- that was really hard at first! But it's gotten a lot easier over time and now I really enjoy it :) The writing part can be frustrating, sometimes, but I don't think of it as being hard because I love it so much!

Thyler wants to know "how long it took you to wright Over At The Castle?" Thyler, I got the idea and wrote the basic story very quickly for this particular book- about two days, I think. But then I spent a couple of weeks revising my rough draft before it was ready to send to my editor. During revision, I would make sure all the words are spelled correctly, like if I had accidentally said "wright" when I meant "write"... things like that. (wink)

Kendall writes that "I liked Over At The Castle and Hush, Little Dragon because there about dragons and dragons are my 5th favorite animal." Hey Kendall, I have a question for YOU: What are your first, second, third and fourth favorite animals?? You piqued my curiosity with that statement, and that's what writers do- they make their readers curious enough to keep reading! Maybe you'll be a writer someday...

Art by Natasha.

Natasha says that she is a "new kid around here" and hasn't even read my books yet. That's okay, Natasha, thanks for sending me a Thank You anyway. And that's one of the BEST dragons I've received yet- nice work!

So, I think you can see why reader mail makes my job SO worth it.

Many, many thanks to Ms. Pisani's 3rd grade class!!